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Home Services

How it Works?

Rising demand for solar tax credits, lower utility bills, pest control and the promise of security threats have contributed to an unmatched boom in the home services industry. This boom in potential business means there is a lot of competition out there - and to be competitive, businesses in the home services industry need to corner the best leads.

With its global network of pay per call and online affiliate marketing networks, EDM Lead Network is the partner of choice for the leading homes services businesses in the industry.
Our technologies and teams support many home services businesses in their pay-for-performance programs ranging from customized relationship tracking programs to cross-platform and affiliate strategies. 

We offer our services in the following Home Services Verticals:

Home Security



Pest Control

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Drive growth through pay-for-performance programs

Monitor your marketing campaigns, optimize performance and receive influential insights. With EDM Lead Network in place, you will have a higher confidence level in knowing that your phone rings, it’s a real lead - which will change the whole psychological complexion of your home services business.

You can easily find, reach and convert your home services leads with EDM Lead Network powered by our pay per call and online affiliate marketing technology. Our client-first approach drives us to create and implement targeted lead generation campaigns designed to generate premium home services leads and appointments.

Scale your lead-buying initiatives

At EDM Lead Network, we help home services businesses accelerate new customer acquisition and improve their online presence by leveraging our proprietary, influential technology platforms that scale.

Moreover, our fraud protection technology adds a protective layer between your CRM and your lead sources by detecting and rejecting fraudulent leads in real time. With unique phone numbers, you’ll get insights into the clicks well as calls through on existing programs.

Let’s explore working together, call us at (480) 808-8833 or sign up here.

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